Sysellent Consulting

 Sysellent offers consulting and customized training services focusing on AMD Xilinx FPGA centric system design.

AMD Xilinx FPGAs have evolved into true system components with programmability at the hardware and software level. This extends the programmable system boundaries well beyond software and opening up new paradigms in system architecture. With expanding programmable capability and capacity for logic processing, DSP, multi-gigabit serial connectivity and embedded processing, designing for FPGAs demand efficient methodologies that can make the success of your design more predictable.

Designing for FPGA based systems are mainly driven by performance, power and area goals. Optimization for each of these aspects needs appropriate leverage of the FPGA architecture, using optimal design techniques and driving the design implementation tools.

Sysellent’s mission is to work closely with AMD Xilinx eco-system and bring about simplicity and predictability in FPGA centric systems development process through unique insights and approaches.

With over 25 years of FPGA experience, Sysellent is well positioned to support your consulting needs on AMD Xilinx FPGAs and systems. For your needs, please contact here.

Sysellent Consulting LLP, Bangalore, INDIA